About Me


A little about me. I live in Northern Kentucky just south of Cincinnati in the US. I grew up in Central Kentucky and am a lifelong University of Kentucky Wildcats fan. (Now you know where my gamertag PTG Wildcat comes from.) I work in the IT field.

I have always been a car enthusiast and have played many driving and racing games throughout my life. I picked up the Forza series of games in 2013 when Forza Motorsport 5 was released with the launch of the original XBox One. That was the first game where I decided to take a swing at designing race car liveries. I have always been artistic and creative and have a tendency to use my hobbies as a creative outlet. As I got more into gaming, I realized that games that allowed me to create, modify or build things were particularly enjoyable and the Forza series centered around car culture gave me an opportunity to combine a few interests at once.

Around the time of the launch of the XBox One, there was a lot of community interaction and involvement on the Forza website forums with many painters showcasing their work in individual and team galleries there. I was amazed at what some of the better painters could do and knew that I wanted to be involved. So I spent many many hours practicing and painting and talking with other painters to try and learn any tips and tricks I could from established painters. My love for painting cars and designing liveries has just continued to grow since those early years in Motorsport 5. I would say that my early interactions with the Forza painting community and being encouraged to continue painting even as I was learning as a beginner really helped the passion for painting sink in and take hold of me.